The agreement allows students to access each school with a minimum average of 2.0 degrees (AMP) and 45 to 50 transferable credit hours, depending on the school. Similarly, students who complete their associate degree at the university of the partner community are guaranteed admission. In addition, students who move from partner schools and meet the criteria for participation in university scholarships can apply for scholarships through UWA Housing and receive $2,000 in the first year to promote and support campus stay. According to the agreement, the University of the West of Alabama Scholarships: See also non-union vote at the University of Melbourne`s Victory for University of University Freedom as Murdoch Uni strikes trial against Schroeder-Turk Before these agreements, UWA has already offered and continue to offer a reverse transfer credit for students transferred to UWA before the conclusion of the license associated with their Community College , but then deserves sufficient recognition to have concluded the requirements of the associated program. This allows eligible students to obtain an associate degree retroactively in addition to the bachelor`s degree at UWA. NTEU members who oppose VAAs are concerned that treaty change will not save jobs, but show management that workers are simple goals. They produced a video that advertises the „no“ case. Any agreement allows UWA and the partner school to have a clearly defined transfer process and better communication with students on the transition from community school to UWA. These include academic advice and scholarships. Participating schools are Bevill State Community College, Enterprise State Community College, Northwest Shoals Community College and coastal Alabama Community College in the state, as well as in Mississippi, Meridian Community College, East Central Community College and Itawamba Community College. The University of Western Alabama is paving the way for students in the university community to transfer smoothly and obtain scholarships and housing grants at UWA, while continuing their studies in search of bachelor`s degrees.

Since the beginning of the year, UWA has announced partnerships with four community colleges in Alabama and four in Mississippi, and more are expected shortly. Jefferson State and the University of Western Alabama reached an agreement on Thursday (August 6th) to allow a smooth transition for students who change institutions. Academic scholarships are awarded by UWA to all eligible students who pass from partner schools.