American Express` processing structure is evolving with the recent launch of OptBlue. Details about OptBlue are rare, but we know that thanks to this new program Amex will be more structured like its competitors – more between transactions, reseller category codes, etc. It remains to be seen whether credit card processing fees for American Express will be reduced by OptBlue. In the San Francisco Bay Area, you would see businesses with minimum fees for credit cards (and generally debit) a lot. Normally it was $2 or maybe $5, but if, for some reason, I was below the minimum, I would correct the trader that they violated their agreement with Visa and that they could not have a minimum fee. In short, there may not be a law against setting a minimum expenditure on cards, but by setting a minimum limit for the payment of tickets for transactions, merchants may be sanctioned or suspended by their service providers. I am not unaware of available commercial service providers and I have made a lot of effort to save expenses in our business as much as possible. Despite my best efforts, our expenses are 1. Rent, second staff, 3. Electricity and 4. Credit card processing. It`s a huge effort within the company. No no.

It is not acceptable for you to set a minimum fee for debit card purchases. Thanks to Durbin`s amendment, the Federal Reserve has the power to regulate minimum amounts for credit card purchases. The Federal Reserve has set the current limit at $10 or less. You knew when you opened your reseller account that you had to pay for credit processing (and debit card), but $0.15 or $0.20 per transaction (in addition to the percentage charge) didn`t seem to be a big deal. Unfortunately, many of your customers come in and buy only one item, maybe something for $3.00 or less. They have no money and want to use their credit card. However, your margins are so thin with cheap items that the fixed fee per transaction you pay for processing can erase your profits. In fact, you may even lose money in some sales if the customer uses a credit card.

Interbank fees are set by one of the four liquidator networks: Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. The fee is distributed among several players involved to ensure that your card is debited for the purchase amount and that the dealer is paid. Merchants and service providers also charge consumers monthly fees and minimum prices. Costs vary considerably from supplier to supplier.