In a sustained decision-making agreement, the person chooses someone (called a „supporter“) whom they trust to help them get the information they need to make an informed decision, consider their options, understand the risks and communicate their decisions to others. The state does not limit who can become supporters. As a general rule, support can be a family member, relative or friend. But the adult with a disability can only enter into a sustained decision-making agreement on a voluntary basis, without being influenced by others. Disability Rights Texas can help people with disabilities create sustained decision-making agreements or provide resources for individuals to create one. This user-friendly guide contains information and resources that will help you understand assisted decision making and conclude a sustained decision-making agreement. The guide allows you to discover concepts such as self-determination and alternatives to guardianship, follow a step-by-step process to complete a sustained decision agreement and sampling forms. Continue reading Making My Own Choices: A Easy-to-Follow Guide on Supported Decision-Making Agreements A supporter helps communicate the adult`s questions, concerns and decisions by talking to their service providers, which could include: What if I had a representative beneficiary of my social security benefits or if I gave someone a power of attorney? A sustained decision agreement does not change the question of whether you have a representative beneficiary to ensure that your social security benefits are used to meet basic needs. It does not change an authority that you have given to someone else through a warrant or medical instructions. Assisted Decision Making (MDS) is a set of relationships, practices, agreements and agreements designed to help a person with a disability make decisions about their lives and communicate with others.

If you have a guardian or curator, you can always have a sustained decision agreement. If part of the agreement is related to things that your tutor or curator decides for you, your guardian must approve the agreement.