Work-sharing agreements must last at least six weeks and may be in effect for up to 38 weeks or 76 weeks if the company has been specifically affected by COVID-19. For more information on the work-sharing program, click here: Work-Sharing – Overview . The shared employment contract covers the requirements of a standard form section. From April 6, 2020, there will be new rules, which must be included in a written statement for newcomers, and existing staff will be able to request a written statement in accordance with the new rules. This contract complies with these requirements and must be submitted to the worker until the first working day. Employers should always discuss this possibility with contractors before entering into a job-sharing contract. The distribution of workstations can be contradictory if employment participants/employees are not open to a reciprocal agreement to distribute all wages, workload and working time. Job sharing can also be a disadvantage if the worker cannot afford to pay wages or part-time benefits. It is also possible that job sharing may lead an employee to feel less appropriate over time and to produce less productivity over time. [5] If the agreement on the distribution of employment is not effective, the transition period to find another partner could be inconvenient and detrimental to the remaining employee.

If there is no proper communication and effort between the employment share participants, the proportion of jobs can be a negative experience, as staff cannot be held responsible for the same expectations, changing the delicate balance of the job allocation regime. The United Kingdom introduced job sharing for some time. In many European countries, the division of labour is already a common practice for workers. Companies in countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland have recently voted on a large scale in favour of sharing jobs without contractual restrictions. [10] Other European countries, such as Slovenia and Slovakia, have obtained legitimate participation in employment. [10] A European trade union agency, Eurofound, was set up by the European Council in May 1975 to create a better working and living environment for Europeans. [10] Eurofound meets every year to adopt new strategies and adapt to changing times, and in 2015 Eurofound officially defined the division of labour as a new form of employment. [10] In the Pharmaceutical Academy, job sharing was seen as a tool to promote and increase women`s employment. [7] Pharmacists, compared to men, want to work earlier in part-time work. [7] There is a shortage of women in the pharmacy sector, as some employers do not provide enough schedules to meet the wishes of female workers. [7] There is a similar problem in science. In 2007, only 20% of ordinary teachers were women, while 66% of students enrolled in pharmacy schools were women.

[7] In order to maintain and increase women`s employment in education, the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy made a significant improvement in 2007. [7] The Canadian government has put in place temporary exceptional measures to extend the maximum duration of work-sharing agreements across Canada from 38 weeks to 76 weeks for companies affected by the decline in activity due to COVID-19 and in the steel and aluminum sectors. Go to the „Work-Sharing Temporary Special Measures“ page to find out if you qualify. Work-Sharing allows employees to work reduced hours of work and share work equally with each other. At least two staff members must participate in the program and those who do are eligible for EI benefits to supplement their shortfall. Staff members who participate in the program and who will take part in the same or similar work form a „work-sharing unit.“ Employees in a work-sharing unit can reduce their working hours by up to 60%.