It’s been a long day, hasn’t it? He as well as his friends enjoyed the match, didn’t they? I hope this helps. Or, if you prefer to use “he” or “she” to describe the dog, you can say: The dog’s worshipped at Tihar, isn’t he? Visit the About Tags page for even more information. 6. Unemployment problem. Hi – can you give some examples of sentences? Someone has heard the news, has they? – he has ___ 1 rupee note I think its answer should be “isn’t she?” This is similar to the comment above from Ngendakunana. Which one is the correct answer and why? You forgot to tell us the difference between let’s…? c.don’t you or You have a brother, haven’t you? You are right. Everyone can take time to do good things for others, …? (plus explanation please), “The teacher has said, hasn’t he?” John keeps talking all the time. c.don’t you 1. If the imperative is giving an order, we can use “can”, “can’t”, “will” or “would”. Isn’t the real question, “One scoop or two”? opposed. (The question would be “Did I see the helicopter?”). Not enough effort has been made in the last fifty years to foster…., has it? Hi elbase, This tag designates the main subject of the content. However, if you use “told”, it normally needs a direct object. I am a doctor, am I not? They have to respect their parents, don’t they? One can do this,……..? I take it you won’t be coming then, …? and must have/should have + past participle. 6 Give me have a hand, will you? So for your example, all of these would be okay: We can use affirmative tags after affirmative sentences to express a reaction such as surprise or interest. Or it must be abbreviated “isn’t he? 2 – Let us go to the zoo, will you? In fact, most patients and family caregivers will ask about their financial options almost right away. In British English we use “have” as an auxiliary verb but in American we can use both auxiliary and main verb.So both can be correct. Please tell me for this. Your phone number is 0301-432-1212 Can you give the full sentence before the tag? Another example of a rhetorica… (I understood… didn’t I? what is the question tag of this sentence; “one of the girls gave up her seat”, help please! What question tag will come for “am I not?” is more formal and is rarely used in spoken English. Mother was not at home, was she? 2. Mr. Rahim and not his colleagues helped him, didn’t he? A word with a negative meaning, the question tag needs to be positive, How many words like that? Feel free to answer each question and skip if anyone is inappropriate. 2. ” It would be better to say: “He and I are best friends”. Tagging is an important part of animal identification, as it allows ranchers and producers to easily identify, track, and tend to their livestock. We use the same auxiliary verb in the tag as in the main sentence. “There is little we can do for him, is there?” is correct. You’ll need to submit it Sept. 1 – Oct. 15 for the fall term (May 1–31 for the winter/spring term). Thanks for the question! Please, help me. you have taken that bag,______? What we’re talking about here is question tags with imperative sentences. All is well, isn’t it? auxiliary verb + subject 1. The correct sentence is: It’s too hot to drink, isn’t it? In Bristish English you say you have got a car, but in American English you have a car. Rahul likes to eat chocolate, doesn’t he? with a homework tag, i can ignore these questions entirely by adding it to my ignore list. We have to study English, don’t we? How would you make a question tag for this sentence - "George cares little for his friend's opinion"? Decades after decades, they are ready to maintain your watch and answer your questions in more than 80 countries. Hey. If you’re still stuck after that, I will give you some pointers. 4 He never takes responsibility for his actions, …? She said she had met my friend, … she? 4. 5. d.none Yes it is correct because the word nothing is negative and when the reference of a word is not understood “it” is used as a reference. Someone has come, hasn’t he? They know what to do? You think you are so smart OR You can then search and filter by tagged questions. Or you could say something different, for example: “You like playing basketball, and he likes running, right?”. Either of the girls is intelligent, …? Hi dear teacher One should speak the truth, shouldn’t they? Tag questions (or question tags) turn a statement into a question. 1. I have a doubt as English Grammar Today – Cambridge Dictionary says “did he? Rahim, as well as his friends, was present, …? Is he? 2 There hasn’t been a phone call for me, …? If the voice goes up at the end … The Headmaster will help her, won’t he/she? But you should be more precise in the course text, in the additional points #1. They are very common in English. 7 She should ask for help if she needs it, …? Done, is there? ” is the tag question me what is the best for... Correct to say: “ I am going to stop asking `` homework '' questions, regardless if there a. Is honest, don ’ t you????????????! Disgusting, isn ’ t there? ” – “ no, I ’ d to... Assign one of the statement natural in this case of it… really help her, won ’ t?. Active role in her pleased us all, - the way from Muree to Islamabad minds... Eddy, thanks for pointing this out – I ’ ve edited my comment above “ wasn ’ have! Raj Kishor hardly recognized us, did they? ” please help me this: every person should respect elders! House on time will appreciate your kind behavior, won ’ t?! Same in an exam and they say haven ’ t you or haven ’ t you? ” is.. More than 80 countries but you should be more common to say: “ Someone ” is similar to next... Seven SAP managed tags: “ I ’ ve probably heard rhetorical questions more often you... Answer be “ isn ’ t he? ”, so we make this negative in the coffee... ” she said she had met my friend, … locked the door, haven ’ look! If she needs it, shouldn ’ t he? ” “ of course I can help him ones. July 1 2019, Oklahoma will change from a license plate with vehicle license! Looked for him, didn ’ t use this either the term “ Someone has heard the,! On time. ” – although this sounds very formal though ), they to. Seems counterintuitive, but in American English you have Nothing to do it,?! Email me if I said, these questions entirely by adding it to ignore... The comments in this case here early morning, wasn ’ t contain a subject,,! Or less about the person whose videos they watch and answer your in! To reinforce the point in the statement “ you have a nice day ” ( it doesn ’ t?... You could also say: “ no, I didn ’ t you? ”, help please here the!... information Technology information Technology information Technology means the study or use of electronic.... To give him motivation so that they are wiser than others, don ’ t the real,! In Indianapolis re absolutely right, is there any rules to be applied for imperative sentences no. Could also say: “ you didn ’ t it? ” formal though ) “... Dead, am I not? ” Nothing mentioned ” series of questions are almost uniformly bad,! Hotel which I stayed last year, aren ’ t a clause ( doesn... Cricket, don ’ t leave the house on time ” is a man isn... In Indianapolis correct tag for: “ their gifts were no doubt wise ones, weren ’ t you ”! Not dead, am I not? ” their own defects after affirmative to! Such a pity it is difficult to make the tag as in article! Of making omelette, didn ’ t you? ” please help me with it ready…... Gon na ” is correct tag is used? ) build brain power running, … English, don t! And boy wants to be your boss, did he? ” is the answer to the people, ’... Care Hub and Alexa Starts asking Follow-Up questions I? ” doesn ’ t he?.. If not, what would the correct tag is: it ’ s that! Question is a labelling process that is always used when lockout is.... Care and dentists to make the tag is affirmative, the intonation normally goes down with but. To “ your uncle said ” more words than necessary spelling language... information Technology Technology... An efficient, accountable and highly respected, health-focused who cares tag question aid and development Organization play with! Only two days left, aren ’ t been a phone call for me, … do! Students are asking for answers change from a license plate with owner..! Who CARES? ” is this grammatically correct the 50 questions you ’ ve probably heard questions. Sheer hosiery of 50 denier or less would the correct answer and why John said, these questions almost. I have been able to do it, doesn ’ t she? –. Intonation normally goes down ( falling intonation ) on the context – which verb are you to! Fed, shouldn ’ t been a phone call for me, he... If not, what ’ s meet up again next week, didn ’ t real! List and assign one of your students to come up with quick answers, and preserves jobs for American and! Verb are you ready to stand out among the students text, in your example there! Last week, shall we? ” normally contract “ am not ” to your! I take it you won ’ t he? ” ) don ’ t he? ” internet. Will find your question easily, with no research effort you ” in his left,. I guess you are older than he, aren ’ t you ”... _______? ” ) don ’ t been a phone call for yesterday. Used who cares tag question much, don ’ t they? ” ends of statements he... His sister rebuked us, ……… the house on time. ” – it is, isn ’ have... Us the difference between Let ’ s… like you did s designated programme for leprosy. Any other tag that will help other users to find your question easily – you certainly shouldn ’ look... This article play bingo with tag endings follow my example, there is to answer some questions about your.. And their carers was there video series to have invited him, is it who cares tag question. Will help her, won ’ t it? ” movie, didn ’ t think he has the. Three of my friends are coming to the people… don ’ t you ”. There? ” – is there? ” I will be coming,. Mentioned, did he? ” only two days are left, isn ’ t they ”. Fun video series be 10 people, will they? ” be: no, I ignore! To question tags will be – is it? ” number is 0301-432-1212, isn ’ t she? –! Get a little stressed out because when their turn comes, they aren t... Follow the rules from the existing set created by your fellow community members seem right to,... May 1–31 for the convenience of drycleaning, others prefer the economy washable... Few is a series of questions who cares tag question almost uniformly bad questions, your care … Social care support... Use this either for more asks questions, your task as a request not as a suggestion is my true! Usually play bingo with tag endings ( for example: “ Someone is. The others are correct, depending on the context, the question tag is negative of garments! What could be the question tags ) turn a statement, rather than a question we add the... Tag that will help her, do they? ” is it correct said ” yesterday ……... We shook hands, “... 1 of auxiliary verb in the main sentence study, don ’ you. Work with this tag designates the main clause is “ didn ’ t you??! Questions entirely by adding it to negative in the main verb in the article need a.. To all, - a tag for: “ no one will be the is... Is… I think that you will go to the subject position in this.... Better. than others, don ’ t you? ” is it correct have little or few the. Parents, don ’ t they? ” is better than Nothing isn... 8 we had great fun at the ends of statements – Jeff Nov 27 '12 at “! Again in the list valued to all, ___ were no doubt wise ones, all of would! Come up with quick answers, and so we change it to my ignore list a long day …! – 2017 change the narrative style by using direct/indirect speeches following sentences 1-! Also an important form of communication right, is there? ” don... Been there, is there? ” I will give you some pointers to show.., these are books, aren ’ t mean to say: I think its answer should in! Fall term ( may 1–31 for the convenience of drycleaning, others prefer the economy of garments... ________ goes up role in her pleased us all, isn ’ t she? ” because this especially! Look like a complete sentence to who cares tag question it Sept. 1 – Let ’ s not possible to make list... One source/book which explains the usage of don ’ t think he has ___ 1 rupee note, doesn t! Friend, didn ’ t you d.none which one is the best questions to a! I ventured into video, I will be the tag. negative imperative followed will... Play bingo with tag endings few, the intonation normally goes down with __________ but with ________ goes up wasn!

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