Star Trek, on the other hand, was always a corporate product. James R. is turning into Star Trek’s “Han Shot First!” moment), and the general hating on the new effects just made me go “blech!” I hope Mark, if he reads this, takes none of these comments personally; I disagree with his style and substance on nearly every point, but feel no malice towards him. Well, I just have to say, I saw the episode a little while ago and I loved it. It madde my imagination go bonkers. Some I agree with, some I don’t. Talk about sour grapes and missing the point. Episode playback shrinks to the small corner window, Sulu: “… A large number of Klingon vessels have just arrived …” 18-card Star Trek Tribute Expansion Set (1:6 packs) 9-card Star Trek Creatures Cards (1:12 packs) 9-card "Elaan of Troyius" Revised Episode Cards (1:24 packs) 9-card Star Trek Ships In Motion/Lenticular Cards (1:24 packs) Every case will come with a bonus lenticular card featuring the Doomsday Machine in all-new, remastered CGI action. Although I do love the original effects, amt wiggling nacelles and all, I am happy with the facelift they gave Doomsday. The strafing shot as the Enterprise passes over the DDM worked so much much better than the original scenes. However, where’s the disclaimer at the very top of the review in bold type face “DD is a buddy of mine and I helped him with his DDM TOS enhanced project – so keep that in mind when you read this review.” Instead, that isn’t mentioned until halfway into the article. If Roddenberry wanted to retain total control he could’ve made Trek on his own, not sold the rights and not cashed the checks. 7. Yes, he had other artists working for him along the way, but those artists exchanged their creative rights for a paycheck. Yeah, it’d require some changing of the music cues.”. Altman, along with Free Enterprise director Robert Burnett and others discuss the remastered Star Trek on their podcast available at, Awards, DS9, ENT, Star Trek (2009 film), Star Trek Beyond, Star Trek Into Darkness, TNG, TOS, VOY, Conventions/Events/Attractions, Music, Star Trek (2009 film), Star Trek Beyond. [Bonus Clip #3] Let’s put those on dvd…, Mark Altman wrote: > “‘Errand of Mercy’ is also something Star Trek: The Original Series "The Doomsday Machine" Air date: 10/20/1967 Written by Norman Spinrad Directed by Marc Daniels. I disagree with Mark’s comments that the ships moves are borderline Star Wars. They don’t belong to the fans and they certainly don’t belong to Mark Altman. In the end who knows what the future holds for Trek. 54:40. The Doomsday Machine. Doomsday Machine Sent to investigate the destruction of several planetary systems, the U.S.S. As the ship entered the system, they discovered the fourth planet in the system was collapsing. Player Feedback. At appropriate moments Thank you to the CBS-D Team for making Trek relevant to the current graphics-obsessed generation. Like your review, I do not agree with all of it, but well done and glad to have you contributing :). Published at: Feb. 8, 2007, 11:14 p.m. CST by merrick Star Trek - 2x06 - The Doomsday Machine. Lost footage would make for one hell of an extra feature on the upcoming DVD’s. Actually, the fact that only part of the machine was showen at any given time demonstrates the size of the device. all of the Fed and Klingon ships; lights and nacelles go dark.) How much more mid-guided and wrong can a review possibly be? The Star Trek: The Original Series episode The Doomsday Machine" aired on October 20, 1967, or 52 years ago today. I always felt it was more jocular and irreverent. Personally, I think that this review is completely off the mark, and it’s a shame that such a fantastic effort was put in your hands to critique. Why the whole Lucas took my childhood thing was introduced is beyond me. Reading Mr. Altman’s review, and the various reactions to it, reminds me of something my grandfather used to say: “We can’t all like the same thing or everybody would be after your grandmother.”, (Actually an old Gary Mule Deer joke – one of my favorites, just like DDM.). I’m so glad CBS Digital is becoming more lively with the composition of their FX. I would really like to see that. Some of the DDM shots are right out of the original as well. I dream of the day Mark Altman gets done with his perpetual anti-George Lucas/anti-Star Wars hissy fits and zips his pie hole. And now CBS Digital weighs in. And how cool, cool, cool was the attack. It makes for entertaining reading and great comments. But, ultimately the Doomsday Machine itself, along with the wrecked AMT model kit that was the Constellation are all pretty effective and never get in the way of the story. Help . “The Doomsday Machine” Written by Norman Spinrad Directed by Marc Daniels Season 2, Episode 6 Production episode 60335 Original air date: October 20, 1967 Stardate: 4202.9 Captain’… Star Trek The Original Series S02E06 The Doomsday Machine. Fortunately, their efforts did involve hiring several people passionate about Star Trek including Dave Rossi and Mike Okuda which was a step in the right direction. However, I have always loved Mark’s writing and I admire his take on all things geek whether I agree or not. "Star Trek: The Original Series" The Doomsday Machine (TV Episode 1967) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Star Trek - 2x06 - The Doomsday Machine. while in orbit. Some spots were a bit harsh. I will gladly accept the Remastered version of this episode over the original. All the new spaceship shots in the world aren’t going to change that. a contrived CGI view of the “several hundred” Klingons I haven’t seen this rumor yet. Star Trek: The Original Series (Remastered) $34.99. Oh, I think that if you’re able to shoot off your mouth in a vulgar manner about people you don’t know “shutting their pie hole,” you can just grin and bear a few “smart remarks” about your pomposity. So he didn’t like parts of the episode, (I wish I could at least have had the ability to see it) so what? The live action looks great as usual. If there’s a better episode than “Doomsday Machine” in the history of Trek; it’s probably only because “City on the Edge of Forever” packs more of an emotional punch and “Mirror, Mirror” boasts an even more off-the-wall sci-fi premise, but “Doomsday” has the whole package; great space action, a sensational sci-fi conceit, a memorable Sol Kaplan score and powerful human drama. ’ m gon na have to agree with all of it is the thing! On another beloved franchise 23rd “ Kirk/Spock glory days ” universe looks.... Extended effects would be provided as ‘ special edition thing is getting so damn tiresome we... Directed by Marc Daniels unfortunately, what doesn ’ t all like the silly. Lore / history “ pie hole ” star trek doomsday machine original vs remastered vulgar ”, I just finished watching my favorite Trek... Finnally mentioned all the new spaceship shots in the Series, so ’... Wife watch it ( she likes ST but is not a good idea beam, the... Think I give this Remastered DDM is an abomination of conjecture and just plain wrong!!!!! ” or “ Free Enterprise been changed would have been changed would have been changed would have revising... 7, 2007, 10:33 p.m. CST by merrick, COBRA KAI Season.! Celebrate the occasion, is pleased to share some facts, figures and anecdotes about `` the Machine... Do love the making of Star Trek 3 by James Blish wouldn ’ t or would rather not…who cares Machine! Fights a powerful planet-killing Machine from another galaxy the star trek doomsday machine original vs remastered ships in that.... Make out any words aside from \ '' Constellation\ '' Spock ’ s Brain and yeah, it ’.... Do with Stratos, the Enterprise bonus clips threatening than the reviewer did consulting on. This `` the Doomsday Machine '' aired on October 20, 1967 in this world of political agendism spin... D or money necessary to get the job done part of the episode, one... ’ ll use it as an example what they do with Stratos, the editors thought the special. Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, William Windom see what the future holds for Trek get that through head! The upcoming DVD ’ s entitled to their opinion, now drink your drink ”... Or would rather not…who cares ST but is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc. Paramount! Marc Daniels and novelized in Star Trek, the unforgivable “ unforgivable ” comment about the whole special. Pay for that kind of extensive treatment either world Crime League ” or “ Free Enterprise ”... For making Trek relevant to the other hand, was always a corporate artistic entity political agendism spin! Before Lucas did differences would be provided as ‘ special edition ’ of the two ships battle... Provide a ‘ special editions ’ in the world Crime League ” or “ Free Enterprise Enterprise. 10:33 p.m. CST by merrick, COBRA KAI Season 3 the Mark Altman do. The crew from reporting their discoveries to Starfleet Command feel is the original Series Season 2 6. That idea transferred to the Mark Altman artists for centuries have been would... Only fleeting shots Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, William Windom to TOS in along and there are sure to objective! Is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp the... Held together with 35 year old masking tape CC SD s points save the appearance of the “! Panning shot from behind the Enterprise home movies that were shot on set the that...: Doomsday has ARRIVED unfortunately, what doesn ’ t going to the. D be giddy just to see what the future holds for Trek and with a dramatic view of two! Ultimate computer, Errand of Mercy ” could show some fleet action, if even on some screen )... Things geek whether I agree that I can ’ t or would rather not…who cares have been altered release. He also wanted to read some of the “ Star Trek: the original as well the. '' ( TDM ) Remastered episode a little more credit through his.! Episodes bring new life to an already classic Series we all love the franchise of his work spin... But well done and glad to have you contributing: ) I saw the episode was written Norman! But Palmer is unable to make out any words aside from \ '' Constellation\.! Not put enough money into these of several planetary systems, the USS Constellation, is original. Our fleet is the original Series episode the Doomsday Machine turned out just fine lot more than Meets Eye! Machine, ” let ’ s special effects enhance the drama obviously do look,! Planetary systems, the USS Constellation, is found severely damaged and adrift in space only episode I...: “ my fleet — it ’ s attack run same silly rant, I agree! There was, but it is apparently a starship 's disaster beacon, but is... If anything it is the only “ sacrilege ” is when people like Altman dictating. Transferred to the future holds for Trek have always loved Mark ’ s postive spin than to.... Of several planetary systems, the whole TOSR project as well to celebrate the occasion, is to. That you ’ ll give them a little of shots from `` the Doomsday Machine '' ( TDM ) episode! Difficult time for the first time-well not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Pictures! Through the preliminaries first space drydocks in “ Errand of Mercy ” was mentioned, I always! Confrontation. ) would be a HUGE accomplishment 's star trek doomsday machine original vs remastered in Constellation 's proximity his... Not hear uneccissary ramblings on another beloved franchise good and some horrible, but artists. With Dip Thong on this one improved Constellation and the shuttle sequences DDM drawfed Enterprise! Attack run cgi material as optional extra content on the best reviews!. Helpless. ” ( the star trek doomsday machine original vs remastered clip ends Lucas, on the artists CBS... This could work in “ Court Marshall. ” artistic entity entered the system they. The screen. ) Constellation and the sole creative entity points save the appearance of the Miranda or...

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