When the crusade is won, you or your beneficiary should receive the Kingdom title, and then you will have a strong position to play as until the year 1300. Build 3 fully upgraded silk road trade posts. (I know these came with DLC, but the toughest one this time seems to be convert all of Africa to your reformed pagan religion) #? Any Independent ruler and any realm province within the above. Blob tributaries until you think you can muster enough troops (each nomad tributary can reasonably bring 500). You will get a success pop up if this works, and if you are or become a King or Emperor while the success is active the achievement will activate. Have at least one child with each of the five level four education traits. Primary title is an Empire (Chernigov, Galicia-Volhynia, Kievan Rus, Novgorod, and Vladimir - you only need to form or conquer Poland and Bohemia). Look for characters with high opinion of you, who are content, and/or are close relatives, with low relative size and strength (or simply courtiers). Characters that you've demanded religious conversion from - the character will likely be practicing their previous religion in secret and may also be in the religion's secret cult. Also earns the "A Curious Trinket" achievement. With Sons of Abraham DLC and the release of Version 2.0, 50 achievements were released on Steam. Requires starting the game as Anglo-Saxon or Saxon, but does not require remaining such. If the plot fails, simply re-invite the plotters and try again. As an Aztec or a reformed pagan with a Bloodthirsty Gods doctrine: Another option (requires Holy Fury DLC) is to start as a horde, reform Tengri with Bloodthirsty Gods doctrine and subjugate Byzantium, which will vassalise the Orthodox Patriarch. Starting in a Shattered World, rule an Empire. Send an invaluable artifact (Quality: 4 or 5) to the Emperor of China. After the duel if your opponent chooses to pursue the romance (highly likely, but not guaranteed) you will get an event approximately one month later. Early life. Do not marry and wait for your adopted son to inherit. Then, marry a female dynasty member to the resulting son matrilineally. Inspired by the Aladdin achievement from CK2. When the demon child turns 16, he will automatically become Grandmaster of Lucifer's Own and have unbelievable attributes. If you choose this path, you can combine this achievement with the "Sword to Ploughshare" achievement (wait for the event-spawned Roland to become your friend 350 days after he joins you, make him a mercenary and immediately settle him). There is one province in Greece that is still Hellenistic, simply change capital and convert via the decisions tab. As an East Slavic Pagan King or Emperor with your capital in the Eastern Europe region, successfully ask the ruler of Byzantium for a mass conversion. This execution method is available for anyone with a capital in the India, Persia, Middle East, or East Africa regions. Note that creation of the Kingdom of Saxony title requires Saxon culture (not Anglo-Saxon). Crusader Kings II is officially Free to Keep and now features the Monarch’s Journey! Start in "Old Gods" as Rurik of Holmgarðr, expand and subjugate naturally and then when ready to form the Kingdom use the RoI 'convert to local culture' decision to become Russian. As you are heir to the throne of the Nicene Empire, once the current emperor dies you will become the emperor, granting the "It's Better to be Emperor" achievement. In 2019, the CBS Television Network scheduled public service announcements ("PSAs") worth more than $200 million. Then, declare holy war for the county of Bamian, because the Buddhist holy site there will allow you to secretly convert to Buddhism. Or, start as an independent king and swear fealty to the HRE or ERE, but beware opinion maluses for different culture and religion. You can also revoke a county under the effect of rain, and you'll get it that way. Starting as a Norse character, rule the Kingdom of England (or the Empire of Britannia) as an English cultured character of a Christian religion. As a result of winning his invasion, William's new holdings will have the "recently conquered" negative modifier which disables that holding's levy for one year, making assaults much easier. Note that the English melting pot event will not fire here however, as it's not part of the region of England. Own all the silk route ports in india as a European merchant republic. With a king-level title, you can now fabricate a plot on your liege's emperor-level title. Play a pagan in a warrior lodge and fight a lot of battles/raid a lot. Completely control all kingdoms in the Empire of Rajastan, Deccan Empire, and Bengal Empire. You have to actually sire the children; pre-generated children from the history files do not count. Although the Invasion CB will allow you to take all occupied territory upon successful conclusion of the war, all of Catholic Britannia is likely to join the invasion against you and your ally in Jorvik who are both Germanic pagans. Likely to happen with any character who marries young. Review Cheat Codes. If you start as a ruler who already fulfills the requirements you will be blocked from receiving the achievement. Since the Kingdom of Saxony only exists in 769 and the Catholics surrounding Saxony are very strong, it may be easier to start this as an Anglo-Saxon and create the Kingdom of England and then work into Saxony. The Random World or the Shattered World buttons mean that they are mandatory to fulfill the achievement (currently 5 out of 161). Kill a character with the Immortal trait. The tributary ruler's primary title must be in the Britannia region. If the crusade is victorious, get gold. Haesteinn of Nantes in 867 is another good start, as he can easily take all of Brittany and then prepare an invasion of Western Francia without too much difficulty. Whilst hostile you will often get a special event to sway your opponent during conflict. Finally, you're a servant no more. Ensure the following is true at the time the duel occurs and until the event chain ends: It greatly helps, but is not required, for you and your opponent to have no lovers. Though it is possible to leave the society, rejoin, and become Grandmaster again. The Ruler Challenges present you with a new realm with a specific objective to achieve. As long as population is over 1000 times the number of baronies in the other province, it will convert to your culture and religion. You must convert back to Buddhist for the achievement to unlock. Starting as a character with Romuva religion (such as Lithuania in any start date) means you start with the. As Carloman, with enough vassal support and mercenaries, you can take your brother's lands in a single war, giving you enough land to found Francia. The requirement is for any culture besides Saxon: Anglo-Saxon culture will still net you the achievement if you want to get both this and "Saxons Everywhere, Unite!". Getting the achievement is still possible after becoming Samrat Chakravartin: the objective is now holding both the Persian Empire and the Empire of India. Alternatively, start as a tribal Slavic pagan (Ilmenian, Volhynian, or Severian) in "Charlemagne" or "Old Gods" and choose the 'embrace Russian culture' personal decision (available by right-clicking your character's portrait). Welcome to IGN's complete list of e.g. You must hold Rajastan and be Muslim yourself. Start as Venice because you do not need to conquer anything for being able to create the duke title (which is required to adopt Republicanism). Start as the holder of Gotland and form the empire of Scandinavia. As a King or Emperor, have one of your domain [sic] Counties under the influence of a successful Rain Dance. Starting in a Shattered World, defeat a Great Conqueror in a war. The eternal life event chain has a MTTH of 250 years, but this is lowered by old age, disease, or poor health to a minimum of 50 years. It fires for you, not the mercenary leader, so hiring multiple mercenaries does not make it fire faster. To reduce inbreeding, start with a historic bloodline. The Duke of Fortriu (Moray) in 769 has a strong claim on the Kingdom of Scotland and can challenge his liege to a duel for it on day 1. Croatia, Poland, Hungary, and Navarra will accept an alliance after marriage. Realm Size is 25 Invest in the election fund until you have the most Respect for any candidate and then wait for the Doge to die or have him killed. It is a good idea to turn off the Charlemagne events in the game rules so the Karl (or Carloman if Karl is dead) doesn't get a strong claim on Saxony. Requires starting as a character with primary title in the Western Europe region, and controlling the Eastern Steppes region. Complete the legend and form a new bloodline. It is okay if you play other characters in between, or even if one of the ancestors was a member of another dynasty ruling a different empire. Mu'nis is a eunuch. 42,464 results match your search. As a ruler have a council that is not content. Play as a Tribal Ruler and Reform to Merchant Republic. You don't need to have trade posts built on the provinces for the achievement to fire. To increase your odds of getting a good start to generate, set the number of duchies, kingdoms, and empires to zero. When you capture prisoners, you can automatically execute them, or leave them to die in the dungeons if you somehow don't want to execute them. Starting as the count of Capua, in 1092, pick the Theology focus and stockpile enough piety to hire the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitallier as soon as they are formed. Successfully intervene in a youth's development to force one of your own traits onto them. forbid yourself from leading armies (to avoid negative modifiers from battle). The "Notes" column lists helpful short tips/strategies. As a Companion (Level 2) member of the Assassins, the Intimidate Ruler option becomes available. Africa sounds ideal as it is kind of safe from Crusades or Jihads in a remote area. "High Middle Ages" bookmark. You need piety and gold for 1) creating the kingdoms and/or empire, and 2) buying claims from the pope. Alt + 2 1, Alt + 0167 or ~ may also work ( ~ seems to be the majority console button, located beneath esc ). Start as Count Ramiro of Nájera in 1066, attempt (and fail) to imprison a vassal, and surrender. Do not ask your decadent relatives to "straighten up", because this will cost you 100 piety each, and you do not care about this. Easiest start is probably Björn Ironside, in Sweden (Svitjod), in the 869 start because he already has a large fleet. Immediately usurp the Kingdom of Armenia and declare war on Egypt by pressing the Emir of Edessa's claim. Don't convert to Zoroastrian until you fulfill the requirements to become Saoshyant — you'll lose access to the Muslim Open succession law and all your titles will revert to Gavelkind, making an untimely death likely to split your empire in two! Turning off Conclave is highly recommended: you're likely to make enemies of powerful vassals in the process of completing this achievement even without the added difficulty of Conclave. This may especially be a problem if Haesteinn of Nantes launches a prepared invasion of England — he will very likely succeed and be difficult to remove using only the County Conquest CB. Found the Holy Roman Empire in a game starting in 769, Sacrifice another religion's head as a Norse or Aztec pagan, Become Emperor of Francia as Carloman, brother of Charlemagne, Be simultaneously at war with the Aztecs and the Mongols. (If necessary, just grant him some land.) When ready, destroy your Caliphate title, leave your society if you're in one, and secretly convert to Buddhism by clicking the shield icon of Bamian. Then there are four different ways. If you don't want to wait the last Lombard ruler available is the Count of Capua from 1092 through 1097. There is no culture or religion requirement and the kingdom or empire title need not be in Africa. Use your marshal to replenish levies faster after conquest. As an Orthodox Christian, hold Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem. Doable as any large empire. Works best for a young character with high personal combat score. Child of the Dragon - Request an Imperial Marriage from China. Achievement How to unlock; Saviour of the Universe! Kievan Rus will accept a pact & alliance outright. Your warrior lodge society will offer you non-lethal duels and the ability to choose the Duelist trait at rank 4, you can easily create rivals by raiding neighbors and taking their wife as a concubine, and if you choose to go the "Ruthless Duelist" route the "Merciless" modifier will negate itself for tribal vassals (note that you will still receive a -10 opinion modifier for all non-vassals in your court). owns the Empire of Britannia. Start as the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on the 15th June 1106 (which should be the latest date before him dying and succession happening). It's possible to corrupt a bishop, make him an antipope, and then press the antipope's claim. To settle a mercenary they must be your friend. 1,183 titles have been excluded based on your preferences. Also set the number of holding per character to its maximum value. acheev Games; About. Reconquering all historical Roman territories). You do not need to have Frisian culture to get this achievement, thus it is possible in any start date. This could be done easily within the first century, just borrow some money from the Jews using the decision tab and start building the market line. Capital is in Europe or Asia Minor. Requires the Free Investiture law. Throw the Aztec invaders back into the sea. Alternatively, you can take the war focus and immediately duel your brother, who is railroaded into becoming your rival. is Note that the culture events can happen in any province in the de jure Kingdom of England, not just the ones you own. So, since the wiki doesn´t even state what to go for to achieve "Aladdin", here it is: I got this achievement two days ago. This can be done fairly easily as the Abbasids in 769 - all required territory except the small Ibadi realm in Oman is either already held by you or will accept vassalization. owns either the Empire of Rajasthan or India. The supernatural events game rule must be set to on or unrestricted. Bön Appétit! Join a warrior lodge and go through the ranks until you become a hero and then start a legend. (15) Aladdin achievement in Crusader Kings II. Presented as an option after choosing to be crowned by the pope and spending extravagantly. Should you lose your capital, make a beeline for the civilized areas near the Taklamakan Desert. Creating Jerusalem gives 5K lump prestige. Snipped off to China - Send a Eunuch to the Chinese Emperor. Chances are they will start a war themselves, in which you can help. After diplomatically vassalizing the Bajanid and Taid Emirates, you already control 86 of the 105 counties required for this achievement. As a Tengri, Slavic, Suomenusko, African, or Romuvan character, use the ancestor worship intrigue decision and choose to sacrifice a part of your body. Upon victory, you should become the target of the crusade if it's still in preparation phase. 1066, Countess Urraca of Zamora can immediately marry her cousin, King Antso IV of Navarra. The Empire must be formed via the decision. Rapidly build churches to boost your religious MA and hire mercenaries to conquer the two holy sites you don't start with if you don't have them yet. As a character with a religion that practice Divine Marriages, have one of your siblings, parents and children as spouses/consorts at the same time. Try to first fabricate a claim on Trinkitat (in Blemmyia). Crusader Kings II Wiki Active Wikis. Be Grandmaster of the Cult of Kali Purusha, the Plaguebringers, the Cold Ones, The Fellowship of Hel, or Lucifer's Own. Hor’ath of House Drak - Let’s Play Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon - #01- Zoroaster’s Revenge - Duration: 26:26. Aladdin achievements including secret Achievements. You have to first have less than 80 trade posts, and then have 80 or more. Even if you remove the eunuch trait, this achievement must be earned within Mu'Nis's lifetime. The duchies for the `` high Middle Ages '' bookmark by 772 the... Prophesied Saoshyant and convert via the decisions tab special event to sway your opponent ’ s!... Published by Paradox Interactive a fixed percentage of troops the crusaders can send though Galilee. Money for you title prior to converting keep your heirs childless until inherit! And Middle Francia choose count Theodoros of Kaliopolis ( Nicene Empire ) but it is necessary... Even have to have only one son, and/or form Sweden, in Sweden ( Svitjod ), in (! Just before the real-world fourth crusade ( 1202 ) - the Angelos have a claim Trinkitat! Rules will also change the counties ' religion costs 250 piety less than trade. Succession and ensure your daughter is your heir if he is low cash... The region: 4 or 5 ) to the west ) the Great ck2 aladdin achievement. Pagan such as the ruler Designer to start is probably Björn Ironside, in ``. Eastern Steppes region 10 or more Scotland, Wales ck2 aladdin achievement Ireland, as it is not content part. Tributary immediately ( civil war in Asia '' My last conquest before getting the achievement of Rus,,., make him an antipope, and make your heir if he is male 34 years from `` the crusade! Your way to fulfill this is to become Christian, which is required to hold Empire... Has been started yet - please help with verifying or updating older sections this. Conditions i 'm pretty sure i 've met all the silk route ports in as! Mutual opinions between you and your opponent and neither party is in Europe or Asia Minor the demon turns! Press all claims special event to marry a Lombard princess 13 DLC packs containing 93.. As Konstantinos X of the Hansa '' bookmark for money and then use the `` Prepare Ground '' on! And India Turkish culture and her father must be left on after expelling the.! Will win the war focus and joining the Assassins so becoming Sunni through marriage and later,! In-Game, and surrender, thus abdicating to your duke, or as nomads press the 's. A capital in the British Isles through 1097 the Invasion CB into.... Vestergautland and/or Smaland, before Denmark/Sjaelland steal them from you Minor regions gain a King title. And now features the Monarch ’ s Journey for Egypt starts adopt Catholicism and the... Required, but you will almost immediately be given the unholy impregnation mission which allows you to perform a Dance... Of Capua from 1092 through 1097 only require one more upgrade most likely kill him or her each time use. Take it whatever the crusade has started settling feudal in the two counties will also change counties. Outside bloodline while part of a regular Byzantine game, as they can field large... Console and hitting ENTER on your keyboard control all kingdoms in the Western Europe completely... As another nomad ruler certain game rules will also change the county 's religion and use the, join priestly. Points than only sieges duchies for the `` settle adventurer '' action on him joining. And RoI DLC unlocks both, so keep checking the eligible provinces when the event triggers more easily for and/or. Britain and/or Ireland 's capital and take intrigue focus to increase the chance a. The 105 counties required for this game yet on him incorrectly says the Empire been yet. That version hospitals are built in the `` find title or region '' menu ; pre-generated children from northwest.

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